"... and when the hunger fights started, nobody knew where the help was, people began to ask: what should we do?
Hot heads proposed that we killed him and feed the hungry, but the elders were completely against it - it was the last beast of it's kind on the face of the planet!

But when yet another fight broke loose and all of us saw blood on the Little Jimmy's face, The Fate of That Mammoth was already decided...

- Jack London, unwritten.


Blade: Stainless damascus by Chad Nichols, USA, digicam pattern, 57-58 HRC, Paul Bos heat treating..
Handle: Same damascus steel on sides and lock, Mammoth bark, 1/10ct diamond in opening pin.

Total lenght 118mm folded
32mm high folded
Blade length 3.75in, legal to carry in NYC.

Price - make me an offer I would find difficult to refuse.

Of course no mammoths were harmed during the making of this knife. This is actually my first folding knife which I designed and built from scratch. I'll keep it for myself, though alot of people offered me some serious money for it.