Small Chef with Hamon

"Hamon", or temper line - is a feint line you may see on a side of a samurai sword. It runs along with cutting edge and can be qutie fancy, but basically it shows the border between the hard and the "soft" part of the blade, made possible during the process called "zone hardening" or "clay quenching".
This knife came out just beautiful. High carbon steel, endless days of polishing the blade using traditional methods used in Japan - water stones - and the result is here:


Blade: 1095 high carbon steel, clay hardening.
Handle: Curly maple burl, silicone bronze
Total lenght 280mm
Heigth a little over 2 in. or 50mm
Width 3.4mm

Current Price - $700

I made the box for it looking like a little crate shipping one, made of plywood and balsa.