"Jacques Pepin"

I decided to name this one after a famous french chef, Jacques Pepin. The idea came out of nowhere and was drawn down using - you guessed it - first piece of paper I found under my hand. It was a blast working on it.

Damascus steel from Bob Eggerling, sheoak ray wood from Scotland and the best craftsmanship the Brooklyn apartment can give you. Everything is done by me except welding - apparatus owner said "gtfo you'll break it, lemmi' do'et"
He did a marvelous job indeed.


Blade: Carbon damacsus steel by Bob Eggerling, PA, USA
Handle: Scottish sheoak (rays) tightened with high-precision screws. They are dismountable in order to restore the finish if it becomes scratched during use.
Total lenght 265mm
Cutting edge 160mm
Heigth 38.5mm
Width 4mm max.

Weight - feather

Current Price - $925