Big Damascus Chef
It all started with idea, which I quickly put into Corel sketch

The "must do" process - printing the design out, glueing it to a piece of cardboard and trying it out like it was a real knife.

Next - glueing the paper printout on an actual piece of damascus steel, tracing contour with waterproof marker and cutting the shape out using regular Dremel and alot of curse words.

Then using the sander 36x4", grind down the sides. This is a long and not so cherful story..

Send it to Paul, wait nervously for a week or two, get it back. Etch it in ferric chloride. Sigh in wow.
Glue the bolster on JB Weld, make sure it's cured nicely.
Make sure surfaces are rough and degreased, glue the sides.
Sand down sides, making sure wood is not burning. And fingers are not burning with it.
Smoothing everything out using various sandpaper and tons of elbow grease. Polishing the wood using Crazy Glue - actually very strong and durable finish.