Hi there. My name is Max Nestratov.

I started this little project hoping to chase my dream of creating things. I get kicks from the process of simple ideas taking a form of a physical things, inspiring and awing people. Though I work as an IT wiz, my passion was... well, where do I begin? Gunsmithing, blacksmithing, jewelrycrafting, knife making, you name it. I want to try everything and there's nothing I cannot do - that's the important part of my phylosophy. And as a result, this site was born to show you my little clumzy steps.

My ultimate goal is to make my hobby as my living. Not just a monetary equivalent, able to pay rent and to "bring food on my family", but the spiritual guide in life as well. I like to try, to experiment and to inspire, being passionate to learn from others.

Saying that, this site is my first step towards that, and YOU can help me to continue.

ery important for me is that I do not cut corners. When you do so - you starting to rush, and when you rushing - you making mistakes and quality suffer. That's why some of my work might look a little pricey, but how can I explain that when you spend $350 on a raw steel alone, a knife cannot cost $200? Exclusivity, handmade, quality and passion - that's what you get if you decided to buy.

Is my work perfect? Hell no. There are no perfect things on this planet. Is it innovative? Hell yes. Is it unique? Absolutely. Most of my pieces are done as a single instance. Idea - that what drives me, inspire me, but the quest of perfecting of the implementing the idea into a physical form never ends.

You might notice the style - originally I'm from Moscow, Russia. I am married to the ethernal love of my life Shykia Bell (http://www.shykiabell.com), and thougether for over 13 years we are going strong against the waves of everyday life. I live in Brooklyn, NY, and in my tiny apartment I'm able to perform all of the magic you see on this site - grinding, polishing, even heat treatment! I do own a Paragon Firefly kiln. ;-P

Can you imagine what I can do in a studio?

Hint: motorcycles....